10 December, 2010

Weigh In Day Week 2 Thoughts Before the Weigh In

To be honest, I'm both worried and excited about today. I don't know what to expect. Hopefully, everything turns out alright and I've actually lost some weight. Last week I set my goal at 12 pounds. I'm fairly certain I have NOT worked out hard enough or stuck to my diet close enough to warrant that kind of weight loss. I set it that high because I knew I could lose at least that much weight if I put in the effort.

Whatever happens, I have to try and focus on the positive. This is the first time in months that I've actually gone regularly to the gym for two weeks in a row. I look forward to the day when I can go to the gym without nagging my parents to take me., but I'm proud of myself for the times when I asked to go even when I felt my parents might be inconvenienced by taking me. It feels good to make myself a priority. I got stronger this week. I am already lifting heavier weights in my resistance training. I at least TRIED to be mindful of my portion sizes and what I ate. I wasn't perfect, but I feel I was a little better than last week. I heard recently that most people GAIN eight pounds during the holiday season, and I've LOST that much just last week! I should be proud of myself for that!

If I don't lose any weight, or even if I gain a little back then I just need to step back and examine what needs to change. Obviously, my diet is still a huge factor in weight loss success. I think this weekend, I'm going to assign myself some homework. I'm going to come up with two weeks worth of meal plans, and shopping lists. Maybe I'll even create a menu of healthy meals that I enjoy eating. I will have them posted by Monday the 13th of December.

I have one more week left, (I think) of gym before the Christmas break. So, next week is crucial. After next week, I won't be able to be weighed in (I think) until the beginning of January.

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