12 January, 2011

Angry about something? Focus on what you're thankful for!

I don't want to have two negative posts in a row, but that's just how it is.
I'm just feeling really stifled and upset right now. Stifled because every time I try and write a post, I end up talking about my personal and family life in ways which I feel I should probably keep private. I don't want to upset anybody unnecessarily, but I'm just really frustrated about certain people right now. I'm not eating right. I'm staying up late, and while I do have some positive things to talk about like getting a girl's number at the gym on Monday or lifting more weight than I ever have before or breezing through the extra fifteen minutes I added to my cardio training, I'm still upset. The anger probably fueled my success at the gym, but it's destroying everything else. I want to let it go. The only thing I can think to do is start listing things I'm grateful for right now.
  • Roof over my head
  • Parents who are still married after almost 34 years.
  • An awesome younger brother
  • A best friend who is smarter than me and fun to talk to.
  • Her name is Julia Roberts. No, seriously. No relation to the celebrity though.
  • A five year old cousin who's energy is something to marvel at. He seriously does laps and squats while eating meals. Probably has ADHD, but it's still fun to watch.
  • My readers! Now in the double digits.
  • My 80+ fans on my Facebook fan page! (PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE!)
  • My singing voice.
  • The knowledge that I'm not alone in my struggle, no matter how bad things get.
  • The inspiration I get from people I know succeeding in their weight loss journeys
  • The epiphany that I have spent more time whining about how long it will take to lose the weight rather than actually doing something about it.
  • Living within walking distance of my gym! I'm not where I can walk to and from for a workout yet, but I can't wait until I AM!
  • I still have both of my feet!
  • I have both of my arms too!
  • I am incredibly attractive! Seriously! Look at my pic! Damn! SO HOT!
  • the endless Mercy of a loving God! (I know, that should have been first. That's why I chose bullet points and not numbers!)
  • The day I impulsively decided to try out for Biggest Loser season 8. It's been an incredible adventure with so many amazing people!
  • Friends who stick by me in spite of my BS
  • The low price of membership at my university gym!
  • My awesome personal trainer, Johnny!
  • The people who come up and talk to me while I'm working out! SO AWESOME!
  • Slowly realizing I really DO feel awesome after an exercise and should TOTALLY DO MORE!
Wow, okay, that did help a little bit! I do feel better after writing what I'm grateful for. I think I learned about that from watching 'The Secret' or some other motivational book, but that really did help!
If you're upset or scared or worried about something, go grab a sheet of paper or write on your blog a list of all the things you're thankful for!

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  1. Yeah, this is a great idea. It really calms you down too if you're mad about things you can't change (i.e., other people heh).